Our Work

Changing How People Pursue Careers

The DeBruce Foundation seeks to increase the success of individuals while raising employers’ opportunities for finding and retaining a highly productive, stable and diverse workforce.

In collaboration with partners across the Kansas City metropolitan area, DeBruce Foundation currently conducts the Occupational Match Initiative. This initiative seeks to create a more effective and efficient employment pipeline by:

  • Improving employer-employee pairings
  • Increasing retention
  • Informing education and preparation

"This is crucial work that will reap huge benefits not just for businesses in the region but for employees as well,” DeBruce said. “If we can create a better match between what employers need and the skills and talents that employees bring to work, then we create a win-win scenario that can increase the prosperity of our region.”

Optimizing talent selection will enhance the role talent plays in stimulating economic progress.

At this time, the DeBruce Foundation does not accept any grant requests or solicitations. If your organization is interested in working with the DeBruce Foundation, please go to our Connect page and leave your information.

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